Environmental Services for Puerto Plata Province / Servicios ambientales para Province de Puerto Plata

BUYERS - High Quality for Recyclers worldwide

We are preparing Post-Consumer Material focused on our customers needs and to guarantee 100% Recycling of the material.

Its time to take care of the environment - Sustainable Recycling solutions and products are essential to stop destroying the Planet we all live on.

Following materials / products are available for worldwide shipping:

> PET Post Consumer bottles, mixed colours, no cups, bales

> PET Post Consumer bottles, green colour, no cups, bales

> PET Post Consumer bottles, lightblue, no cups, bale

> PET Post Consumer bottles, transparent, no cups, bale



// Shipping: FOB / DAP or individual.

Choose your preferred shipping preference.
We are flexible to arrange your needs.
But keep in mind - Our capacity allows quicker
FOB handling.

// We love Digital.

In order for you to plan all logistics involved, you
are able to track your order / shipment. 
We love and use technic, others just blah-blah
about it.

// Our capacity

With the latest update as of November 21, we are currently running at 40 tons of PET plastics per month.
At year end 2021 we are able to provide 80 tons/month.

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